We specialize in Pipeline Product Recovery Systems using Projectiles. Pigging Systems that have Product Recovery of 99% + of product or material from Stainless Steel Pipe, Sanitary Tube, Schedule Pipe or even PVC using a Projectile or Pig constructed from a range of materials.

The equipment used in the pigging process can be Manual, Semi Automatic, Fully Automatic or a Stand alone system with it's own PLC. We can also just provide an FDS which can added to a pigging software on your own PLC.

If you have a pigging system you can always just purchase one of our new technology pigs or pig detectors to enhance your current Pigging System for Food, Dairy, Beverage, Oil, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Soap, Resigns, Esters, etc.

Our Pipeline Pigs / Projectiles Can

  • Negotiate Standard 1.5D / 90 degree bends
  • No air or product bypass with our pipeline pig
  • Projectile or Pig is available different types of material like Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, Urethane, FDA-Medical or Food Grade Material
  • Product Recovery is 99% + out of every pipeline

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Pigging is a term that has been used for
about 100 years in the Oil Industry to send
a projectile down a pipeline to clean out the line and recover the product. It is now used in process plants Going Green as plant operators use pigs to increase efficiencies. Pigging reduces waste, water, CIP and change over times at batching process plants also reducing cross contamination and allergens.

Our home office and manufacturing is located in Cincinnati, Ohio