PIGS / Projectiles



About Our Pigs

Our Pipeline Pigs / Projectiles Can
  • Negotiate Standard 1.5D / 90 degree bends
  • No air or product bypass with our pipeline pig
  • Projectile or Pig is available different types of material like Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, Urethane, FDA-Medical or Food Grade Material
  • Product Recovery is 99% + out of every pipeline

We Can Handle Custom Pigs
We can Manufacture pigs out of other types of materials that can be used in industries like special Chemicals or Oil.  Due to the number of possible chemicals available we can supply test material to check compatibility.

Call us and we can help you with many different Pigging Solutions!

A Wide Variety Of Materials & Styles
We supply solid material pigs / projectiles, in many sizes from 1" up to 6" Sanitary Tube and many Pipe Schedule sizes, other sizes are available upon request.

Also available in different Colors and with or without internal magnets to detect the pig in a pipeline for use in industries that need to remove product or material from a pipeline.

We use many different types of materials to manufacture our pipeline pigs. They can be made out of Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, Viton, Urethane or many other materials depending on the chemicals or temperatures you use in a pipeline.

We have material testing available, send us your chemical list and or MSDS sheets and we will help you find the right pig. There are many options and designs available we can discuss about your project or application. 

More Pigging Details

  • FDA / Medical & Food Grade approved material
  • Go through standard 1.5D / 90 degree radius bends
  • High Temperature material available 400F & 600 F 
  • No air or product bypass in it in the pipeline
  • Product Recovery is 99% + out of the Pipeline
  • Flexible & Bi-Directional - so you can send it back

Demos & Trials
Demo or Trial a pig in your pipeline or sanitary tube today!